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Honestly everything about the sims4 seems like a ridiculous money grab. From the masses of usually standard, now watered down, left out permanently or saved for expansion pack material, to the preorder price. As a long standing fan i'm terribly dissapointed, just about everything i've seen since the first preview of the cool new way rearrange houses and create a sim has been bad news in my opinion. All we've gotten since then is info on is things they've taken/left out.

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Not to mention how irritated I am with the fact that they’ve just left Mac users completely out of the equation. Excuse me, but I have spent countless dollars on your games, and do they even know how many people have Macs these days? Fucking done with them. Won’t be giving them another dime.

Isn’t it interesting that places like New Zealand have never had an orca in captivity, and yet many of its residents oppose it. Now compare that to Florida, where they’ve had dolphinariums for as long as they’ve been around, and they are one of the highest states for harassment of wild dolphins. Shouldn’t that say something about what captivity teaches kids who grew up with it?
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This all sounds great in theory but…the school doesn’t even supply pencils, paper, or calculators? Decorations and extra…

Most of the American public schools don’t give anything to teachers. That’s just the American education system. Especially if you are in a “less privileged” area. 

I’m definitely American, and my friend teaches in a school in Detroit (one of the most poverty-stricken cities in the country right now) and even she gets writing utensils, paper, and things like that. And that school is struggling in a terrible way. She hosts a lot of fund raisers for things like playground equipment, field trips, books, and game type resources.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to come off as judgmental or bitchy…just cautious. I hope someone wouldn’t make up a story like this, but I’ve honestly seen it all on the internet. Teachers are great, and for those that know her better I’m sure its easier for them to feel comfortable donating. I wish her the best, and hopefully our country can straighten our their priorities and get some more funding where its needed.



Okay guys, I never have posted anything like this before so I’m not sure how to go about phrasing this. Basically, I start my first year as a fully independent teacher (not a student teacher anymore, yay) and I’m very short on cash at the moment. I really want to have a nice classroom for my students, complete with lots of learning materials for hands on activities. The only thing is that teachers have to buy these supplies with their own money, unless they write a successful grant proposal for it. However, since I’m not officially a teacher until August 7th when I report for my first day, I am ineligible for most (if not all) grant money this summer.

So…I started a gofundme in hopes that I could raise a couple hundred dollars to buy things for my classroom. All donations are appreciated, as well as reblogs and shares of this post. I promise that ALL proceeds will go straight back into the classroom. I’ll even show receipts if needed!

Again, thanks for any help and/or signal boosting you can provide!

This all sounds great in theory but…the school doesn’t even supply pencils, paper, or calculators? Decorations and extra game-type things that make lessons and learning easier on the kids I can understand but I have friends that are teachers and they haven’t ever been required to provide basic things like scissors, or rulers. This just seems so odd to me.


Some of you may recall earlier this month my hurt feelings and disappointment when a close friend decided to visit Georgia Aquarium despite my urging to at the very least, allow me to give her some information on why it’s not a great place to support.

Well today I saw a good friend that I haven’t seen in a while. We keep in touch on Facebook but we haven’t caught up in person in a couple of years. She told me today that she and her family go to SeaWorld Orlando every summer (she has family in Florida), but this year they aren’t going for the first time, and its because of me, and the information I’ve shared on Facebook that she’s read. She said she doesn’t have the heart to do it. She’s a big big big dolphin lover, and I just…feel so proud…so happy to be reminded that in this big scheme there are battles you win, and battles you lose, but you have to keep your head up, keep fighting, and remember what you’re fighting for.

And for the naysayers, yes, every single person who doesn’t buy a ticket makes a HUGE difference. And that’s exactly what I told her.




Perfect captions are perfect!  Corky (?) threw her shit all over SeaWorld’s supporters and the second one…speaks for itself.